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Adobe Inc. (ADBE) Stock – Is it worth a buy?

Adobe Inc. often is known as ADBE (in NASDAQ) is a very popular multinational software company. Back in December 1982, Adobe started its journey in the global market. Over the last 36 years, it contributed a lot in the field of digital marketing and software solution. The headquarter of Adobe Inc is at San Jose California and as of 2019, more than 21,000 employees across the globe are working day and night to ensure its brand identity. However, a major portion of their workforce (around 40%) is working in San Jose.

Due to the heavy demand from clients end, Adobe Inc. is also conducting major development in, Massachusetts, New York, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Utah, Washington, and San Francisco. Though Adobe Inc. has a very successful track record in the Silicon Valley but very few people about the active contribution of Steve Jobs to Adobe Inc. in its early stage. In the year 1982, Steve Jobs tried to buy Adobe Inc. for 5 million dollars but eventually get refused by Warnock and Geschke. However, Steve Jobs managed to secure 19% of the share and Adobe Inc. became the first company which made a profit in its very first year of establishment. So, it’s very obvious, Steve Jobs played a crucial role to bring strategic change to Adobe Inc. operation in its founding year.

With a blazing start, Adobe quickly gained the attention of their target audience and gained trust in the market place. In the year 1986, Adobe Inc. (ADBE) secured a place in and the ticker symbol for Adobe Inc stock is ADBE. After the Initial Public Offerings of Adobe Inc Stock, many active traders monitored quote ADBE to find the best buying spots. From that period, the ADBE Stock price gained steady bullish momentum in the global market since its revenue went from $1 billion to $4 billion by the end of the year 2012. All these achievements made pretty clear, this company was operating with long term vision.

Adobe Inc Stock started to gain significant exposure from the year 1989 after the launching of their first flagship product Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is still used by the professionals in high-end video and image editing task. Followed by the huge success of their flagship product Adobe Inc launched PDF (Portable Document Format) in the year 2013. Still, now we all using PDF as a standard format of the document which reflects the contribution of Adobe. And in the year 2003 Adobe launched their famous product Adobe Premiere Pro which is still used by thousands of professional video and image editing professionals.

Adobe becomes a brand name in the global market since they have successfully offered premium products to their clients. Most importantly the retail investors made a decent profit by buying Adobe Inc Stock by analyzing the ADBE stock quote (adobe quote refers to the price of ADBE stock). Adobe also famous 3D texturing company, Allegorithmic on 23 January 2019. Though the company faced some ups and downs over the last 36 years, still it is one of the best software company in the world.


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