Pros And Cons Of Owning Stocks After Retirement

Right off the bat, there are three kinds of people who should think about owning stocks after retirement. People who can afford the risk. People who take on risk as a part of the overall income plan for retirement. And people who know what to do if incase the risks materialize. But wait. Do you […]

Mistakes People Make With Their Retirement Savings

When you are approaching retirement, this is no time to gamble around with your retirement savings. You have had a hard time earning retirement funds. Now, this is not the right age to blow your money unless you’re Warren Buffett. But this is also applicable for those who have just landed their first job. If […]

How to Make Wise Decisions for Your Retirement Investment Portfolio?

Saving money for funding a happy retirement is probably one of the biggest reasons why people invest. Hence finding a perfect balance between retirement investment return and risk is critical for a successful strategy for retirement savings. So, here are a few suggestions to ensure that you are on the right path to make the […]

5 Best Investments for Retirement Planning

The new era of retirement planning welcomes the baby boomers as the first generation with a burden of saving a major chunk of the retirement income in the last 20 to 30 years. This has happened because there is a significant amount of reduction in company pensions. The trend is shifting toward employers and workers. […]

How To Invest In Stock Market – A Beginners Guide

Intelligence is a must in any endeavor; you don’t need superior IQ to make your investment a success. According to Peter Lynch who was a well-known portfolio investor from 1977 to 1990 (Magellan Fund), everyone has a brain that is capable enough to invest in stock market and act accordingly. He said that if a […]

5 Ways Retirement Plan Has Changed Over the Last 25 Years

The only constant factor in our lives is change. But the surprising thing is that the notion of retirement has altered pretty quickly in recent years. Just a few decades ago there was no Medicare; no Social Security and there was no health insurance. In the private sector, pension didn’t take off until 1921 due […]