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Thermal Imaging Business

Thermal Imaging Business

You may have seen pictures of airport staff sitting behind a thermal imaging screen to detect people with high body temperature. Thermal imaging technology is playing a key role in helping tackle the COVID-19 crisis. It can help businesses reopen in a safe way and the prospects for the industry look up with near-term tailwinds arising out of the pandemic.

Demand can really take off as it has been reported that some big-name companies are extensively using thermal imaging devices. General Motors, Wynn Resorts, Amazon (and Whole Foods) have all been using thermal imaging at their facilities to operate in compliance with health best practices.

Thermal imaging isn’t just limited to identifying sick people. It also plays a major role in detecting issues with electric circuits, plumbing problems, heating and cooling issues, and other maintenance and safety problems in offices and homes.

Thermal imaging companies like Indentiv Inc, FLIR Systems Inc, Remark Holdings Inc, and Creative Realities Inc are some of the well-known listed players in the industry. FLIR Systems offers cameras to help reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Creative Realities, on the other hand, uses and AI-powered product called Thermal Mirror that can act as a non-contact inspection station in crowded areas. Indentiv uses an innovative patch that constantly monitors body temperature and can be a great way to monitor crowds at a theme park or a conference center. Meanwhile, Remark Holdings recently tied up with Wynn resorts for providing thermal screening and camera solutions.

FLIR stock has been up 28.86% in the last three months. Remark Holdings stock is up a staggering 663% since March 16th, 2020. Indentiv stock is up 110% during the same period while Creative Realities stock is up 130%.


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