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VeriSign, Inc. (VRSN) 2

The technology sector has been among the best performing sectors during most of 2020. News articles are filled with reports of how the best tech stocks of 2020 like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Netflix are making new highs.

However, some of the top internet security stocks are also worth a look in. Companies like Zscaler, VeriSign, and Palo Alto Networks are among the most popular choices. Zscaler is a cloud-based information security company. Its products include firewalls, SSL inspection, sandboxing, antivirus, and web security.

VeriSign is a global provider of domain name registry services. It operates two of the thirteen root nameservers of the Internet. It gets paid $7.85 annually for every .com and .net domain name that gets registered. There are 127 million .com domain names and 16 million .net domain names. It literally is the toll road company of the internet and among the top tech stocks to buy now.

Palo Alto Networks is an American cybersecurity company. Its main products include advanced firewalls as well as cloud-based security products. The company has over 60,000 customers spread out across 150 countries.

VeriSign recently acquired a patent that applies blockchain technology to domain names. This technology allows users to change traditional domains into blockchain addresses. Users with their own blockchain addresses can also interact with each other on this network. The patented technique also includes the management of private and public keys through a DNS registry on the blockchain-powered network.

If you are looking to buy internet security stocks, then VeriSign is clearly one of the top candidates. It has beaten analyst estimates for Q12020 as well as Q22020. The stock has gone from $70 to $206 during the past 5 years.


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