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Waste Management, Inc. (WM) 2

Are you looking to buy waste management stock? Waste management and disposal are some of the essential services in the economy. The pandemic has led to people spending more time at home. Therefore, the amount of trash that needs to be picked up from residential locations has gone up and the number of truck trips needed to collect the waste has also gone up. As a result, the costs for waste management companies have gone up.

However, amidst the uncertainty, one company seems to be holding its own. Waste Management Inc is one of the more attractive options for investors looking to buy recycling stocks. Waste Management announced, on August 18th, that it would be paying a cash dividend of $0.54 per share. This announcement comes at a time when companies across sectors have been suspending dividend payouts.

Other environmental services stocks worth considering are Casella Waste Systems and Aqua Metals. Casella Waste Systems is a vertically integrated regional solid waste company. It focuses on the north-eastern states and regions on the east coast of the US. Aqua Metals, on the other hand, is a lead recycler that uses a proprietary patent-pending process to recycle lead from lead-acid batteries and produce lead in a low cost and environmentally friendlier manner.

If you are looking to buy environmental service stocks to earn dividend income, then Waste Management Inc is top of the pile. It pays a dividend of about 1.9%. Republic Services is also a decent option with a dividend yield of 1.84%. Waste management businesses earn income through the services they offer as well as the recycled waste/output that they can sell as commodities. So, the price of commodities is an important metric. With the US dollar weakening against other major currencies lately, there could a situation where commodity prices rise and work as a tailwind for the waste management sector.


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