Amgen Inc is a biotech stock to buy amid the pandemic

Amgen is a well-known biotech company as it is known for immunology, cancer, and kidney drugs. Currently, the COVID pandemic is at the forefront of the developments in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. That has led Amgen to analyze and study its products that can be used to fight the coronavirus. One such product, Otezla, […]

Despite historic ad revenue fall, Alphabet is still a top online advertising stock

The pandemic has caused many firsts. One of them was Alphabet’s ad revenue fall for the first time in the company’s history. The economic downturn caused by the coronavirus outbreak compelled advertisers to pull back on ad spending. Q22020 revenues beat analyst estimates thanks to YouTube, Google Cloud Alphabet’s Q22020 earnings results were announced on […]

Alphabet Inc continues to be an advertising stock to buy

Alphabet is dominating the online search market share. The Google search engine has a staggering 80% global market share. Alphabet’s other applications like YouTube, Cloud, and Google Play have all performed quite strongly during the pandemic as well. Alphabet’s revenue during the second quarter of 2020 was down only 2%. The ecosystem makes Alphabet one […]