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Computer hardware or 3D printing? HP Inc offers both

Computer hardware and 3D printing are two trends that have been gaining traction in 2020. 3D printing is a longer-term trend that has the potential to disrupt the manufacturing industry. With shifting global supply chains after the pandemic, the transition from older manufacturing techniques to newer technologies might accelerate. On the other hand, as companies announce extensions to their work-from-home plans, computer hardware, laptops, and other work-from-home products will find high demand. Besides work-from-home, concepts like learn-from-home and entertain-from-home are also finding favor among people all over the world.

Which Are The Best 3D Printing Stocks To Buy?

If you are looking to invest in 3D printing stocks, then you might want to look at 3D Systems Corporation, HP Inc, and Proto Labs. HP Inc is a well-known brand for printers and personal computers. It also makes 3D printers and has state-of-the-art facilities for industrial 3D printing. 3D Systems, on the other hand, is the inventor of stereolithography – a technique used for 3D printing via a photochemical process. Proto Labs is one of the fastest 3D-printed prototypes manufacturers in the world. It has eight 3D printing facilities across 3 continents.

What About The Top Computer Hardware Stocks To Invest In

If you are looking to leverage the work-from-home trend, then you may be wondering what the top computer hardware stocks to invest in are. Some of the largest PC manufacturers are Dell Technologies, HP Inc, and Apple. Chinese company Lenovo is also a significant player, especially after it acquired IBM’s personal computer business.

HP’s stock (HPQ) has been up 47% over the past 5 years and it has risen by about 5% in the past month. The stock is currently in an uptrend. Apple has been on a bull-run for a few years now. The stock has gone up by 300% since 2015. It has nearly doubled over the last year. Meanwhile, Dell Technologies is up 141% since the March market crash.


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