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HP Inc or Proto Labs? Best 3D printing stocks to buy now

3D printing is receiving plenty of interest not just from manufacturers, but also investors. 3D printing is an additive form of manufacturing that has important benefits over traditional manufacturing techniques. The technology is often slated to be the future of manufacturing. It is also evident that many companies around the world are increasing investments towards 3D printing. If investors wish to play this manufacturing trend, then one question on their minds would be – What are the best 3D printing stocks to invest in?

What are the best 3D printing stocks to buy now

When we talk about 3D printing, then some prominent names that come to mind are Proto Labs, HP Inc, and 3D Systems Corporation. 3D Systems is the investor of stereolithography, an important 3D printing technique used to create models, production parts, and prototypes using a photochemical process. The company’s CTO is Chuck Hull, the investor of stereolithography.

HP Inc is a well-known brand that develops printers, personal computers, and other hardware. The company has invested significantly in 3D printing and has a state-of-the-art lab that allows companies to experiment and develop 3D printing materials and methods. HP’s 3D printing business also has a presence in the manufacturing hub of the world, China.

Proto Labs specializes in providing rapid manufacturing of 3D printed, sheet metal, infection-molded, and CNC-machined custom parts that generally have low volumes. The company has eight manufacturing locations across three continents. Proto Labs prides itself on being among the fastest digital manufacturers of prototypes in the world.

How have the stocks of these companies performed?

Ultimately, the investor would want to know which companies are the best 3D printing stocks to invest in. HP Inc’s (HPQ) stock is up 47% in the last 5 years. The stock has gained 5.6% in the past month and has been on an uptrend. Proto Labs, meanwhile, has gained about 1.8% in the past month and is up 121% over a 5-year period. The stock has also doubled since hitting a low in March. 3D Systems is up 42% in just the past month. However, it is down 36% over a 5-year period.


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