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Looking for Computer Hardware Stocks To Invest In? Check HP Inc

The pandemic has resulted in more people staying at home, working from home, and entertaining themselves at home. Whether it is watching movies, playing games, or working, people use computers to go about their daily tasks. This has led to a demand for computers and laptops. Therefore, investors have been showing interest in computer hardware stocks to invest in.

PC Sales continue their momentum

Recently, two well-known research firms, Gartner Inc and International Data Corporation (IDC) published data that showed positive momentum in PC sales. PC shipments for the third quarter of 2020 were up 3.6% on a Y-o-Y basis to 71.4 million units. The Q-o-Q growth was 2.8% as well. Gartner believes that the strong growth trends are a result of a higher demand for online education, consumer entertainment, and remote working.

The initial stages of the pandemic outbreak were quite different from the recent months. Supply chain issues caused major disruptions and led to missed opportunities for PC manufacturers like HP Inc. Even key components like panels and processors were in short supply. However, such issues now seem to have been resolved as economies across the world are emerging strongly from the pandemic-led downturn.

Top Computer Hardware Stocks To Buy Now

As an investor, if you are wondering what the top computer hardware stocks to buy now are, then you may want to look at HP Inc, Apple, and Dell Technologies. Chinese company Lenovo is also a major player in this sector. HP’s stock closed at $19.22 on 21st October 2020, up 4.23% for the past month, and trading at a dividend yield of 3.6%. Apple has been on a roll lately. It is up 4.5% for the past month and up close to 300% over the past 5 years. Dell Technologies, meanwhile, is up 5.3% for the past month and up 65% since the end of 2018.


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