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Best Electronic Components Stocks – Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation is an Arizona-based company that develops and manufactures electronic components and engineered materials used by original equipment manufacturers as well as component supplier companies. The company has three major business segments – advanced connectivity solutions, power electronics solutions, and elastomeric material solutions.

The advanced connectivity solutions covers the manufacturing of circuit materials used in automotive, consumer electronics, infrastructure, and communications applications. The power electronics solutions segment involves selling ceramic substrate materials used in power module applications. The elastomeric materials segment, meanwhile, sells sealing, cushioning, and impact protection components used in transportation, automotive, and construction applications.

Rogers Corporation covers a wide variety of industries and is considered to be among the best materials stocks 2020.

Rogers Corporation Broke its 52-week high In November

Rogers Corporation stock recently made a new 52-week high. The stock is clearly on an uptrend and has gained close to 30% in just the past 30 days. The stock is up 78% since making a low in March during the pandemic-triggered market crash. Rogers’ 1-year return isn’t too impressive at a shade over 2%. However, its 5-year return is an impressive 154%. On a stock performance basis alone, Rogers Corporation is among the best electronic components stocks.

The Arrival of 5G Can Boost The Best Materials Stocks 2020

You may be wondering what 5G has to do with material stocks. Companies like Rogers Corporation are considered as much of a materials company as an electronic components company. The arrival of 5G will boost the advanced connectivity solutions segment of the company.

According to Rogers Corporation CEO Bruce Hoechner, “In advanced connectivity, we are optimistic about the growth prospects in the portable electronics market led by 5G smartphone sales. Third-party estimates point to modest growth in the total smartphone market over the next five years with a CAGR of about 4%. However, the 5G portion of that market is expected to grow at a much faster 35% CAGR.”


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