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Best Food And Beverage Stocks – J & J Snack Foods Corp

J&J Snack Foods Corp is an American food company based in New Jersey. It manufactures, distributes, and markets snack foods and beverages. Its key products include soft pretzels, frozen beverages, baked foods, churros, frozen juice treats and desserts, and handheld products marketed under brands like Pillsbury, Supreme Stuffers, and PATIO. J&J Snack Food Corp sells mainly to supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, theme parks, theatres, and universities.

J&J Snack Food Corp has a strong track record paying increasing dividends. It has increased its dividends for 7 years now. It has also grown revenues for 48 consecutive years. No wonder J&J Snack Food Corp is one of the top food and beverage stocks to buy.

J&J Snack Foods Business

J&J Snack Foods has three main segments. The first is food service, a segment that sells desserts, snacks, and baked goods at point-of-sale locations. The second segment is retail supermarkets and it involves distributing and selling frozen and prepackaged products to supermarkets. The third segment is frozen beverages. It involves the sale of products of brands like Slush Puppie, Parrot Ice, and Icee.

J&J Snack Foods Corp’s business is seasonal. Products like frozen beverages and desserts have higher sales during the warmer months of the summer. J&J Snack Foods also holds important trademarks like Superpretzel, Texas Twist, New York Pretzel, Bavarian Bakery, and so on. Except for a few items, most of J&J Snack Foods’ products are made by independent third parties for the company. Some raw materials like syrups are purchased from the Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico.

Stock Performances of The Top Food And Beverage Stocks To Buy

J&J Snack Foods Corp stock closed at $156.22 on 19th November 2020. The stock has been up 20% for the past month. Conagra Brands, another major food company, is down 2% for the past month. General Mills, one of the largest food companies in the world, is up 1.4% for the past month. J&J Snack Foods seems to have performed well compared to its peers.


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