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Best Security Stocks 2020 – The Brink’s Company

The Brink’s Company is one of the world’s leading companies that offers cash management, secure route-based logistics, ATM services, cash-in-transit solutions, payment solutions, and other logistics solutions related to handling cash. It counts the world’s major financial institutions, central banks, mints, jewelers, and other companies as its customers. The Brink’s Company is present in more than 100 countries. It is also one of the top security stocks to buy 2020.

The Valuations May Be Favorable

Brink’s stock has fallen by about 42% since the start of the year 2020. It currently trades at a 1.13% dividend yield. Its 52-week high is $97.12 while the price as of 11th November 2020 was $53.3. The stock was trading around $84 before the pandemic broke out. Its March market crash lows were around the $35 mark. So, the stock hasn’t run up significantly above those lows. In fact, the S&P 500 has risen by almost 60% since the March lows while Brink’s is up only 27%. So, the stock has even underperformed the broader market.

Brinks’ business is dependent on cash. The processing of cash increases when consumer spending and economic activity goes up. This is something that is expected in the coming quarters as the pandemic may come under control once a vaccine is out. Brink’s is already seeing some recovery as its revenue in September was back to around 90% of pre-COVID levels.

The Best Security Stocks To Buy 2020

Brink’s, Prosegur, and Loomis AB are the commonly recognized leaders in the cash logistics and security space. Brink’s stock is down 42% for the year 2020 but up 53% since hitting a low in May 2020. Prosegur is down 39% for the year 2020 and up 28% since its May lows. Loomis is down 38% for the year but up 46% since its March lows. Brink’s is clearly among the best security stocks 2020 based on this year’s stock performance.


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