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Buy Electronic Components Stocks – Rogers Corporation

We use more electronics today than we ever did. The increasing digitalization of all our day-to-day activities is providing a push to businesses that make electronic components. Investors looking to buy electronic components stocks can consider businesses like Rogers Corporation. The interesting thing about Rogers is that it not only makes important circuit and electronic products, but it also is a major producer of elastomeric material solutions. That makes the company an important name among materials stocks to buy in 2020.

What Makes Rogers One of The Top Materials Stocks To Buy In 2020

Rogers Corporation develops, designs, and manufactures engineered materials for a variety of applications. Its polyurethane and silicone materials are used in sealing, cushioning, gasketing, and vibration management by the automotive, aerospace, defense, mass transit, industrial, and portable electronics industries. Rogers also makes customized silicones that are used in semiconductor thermal as well as flex heater applications. Rogers makes polytetrafluoroethylene and ultra-high molecular weights polyethylene that is used in cables, electrical insulation, shielding, and belt protection. Some well-known trade names for Rogers’ products are PORON, DeWAL, ARLON, BISCO, Griswold, eSorba, HeatSORB, and XRD.

Rogers Corporation also makes ceramic substrate materials used in power electronics. The company sells elastomer components under the NITROPHYL and ENDUR trade names. The variety of applications in which the company’s materials are used makes it one of the most important materials businesses.

Future Growth Opportunities

Rogers’ electronic components business is expected to find strong demand from a growing EV and HEV market. The electric and hybrid electric vehicle markets are expected to rise significantly. The growth in that sector will aid cell pads and substrate materials used in power electronics. Company CEO Bruce Hoechner had recently said, “Rogers’ growth strategy is built on four pillars, which include being a market-driven organization, delivering innovation leadership, utilizing synergistic M&A and driving operational excellence.”


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