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The Brink’s Company – Logistics Stocks To Buy Now

Logistics isn’t just about the shipping of goods and transportation by air, sea, and ground. While the growth of e-commerce has led to growth in certain logistics companies, the area of logistics is quite broad. There are companies like The Brink’s Company that provides security solutions and secure logistics for valuables like cash. Yes, cash is something that private banks, financial institutions, central banks, and other such entities have to manage. High-priced valuables are something that businesses like jewelers have to handle. So, there is a demand for securely transporting such items from one point to another. The US is the largest market for such high-value logistics and security solutions. The Brink’s Company happens to be the largest player in this interesting niche market of logistics.

A brief background of The Top Logistics Stocks To Buy Right Now

The Brink’s Company may be one of the top logistics stocks to buy right now. But, it had its origins back in 1859 when the company was founded by Perry Brink of Chicago. The business has evolved, over the years, from providing local armored transportation services to providing a suite of corporate solutions for financial logistics and international secure transportation. The company has been through famous robberies like the 1950 Great Brink’s Robbery, the 1983 Brink’s-Mat Robbery, the 1993 New York Robbery, the 2013 Brussels Airport Diamond Heist, etc. However, none of these incidents have affected the confidence that stakeholders have in Brink’s. The company recently bought its competitor G4S and is now the dominant industry player in the US. It is also one of the largest cash logistics companies in the world.

Stock Performance

The stock performance of Brink’s has been quite reasonable given that it is considered to be among the best logistics stocks to buy now. The stock has grown by 73% in the last 5 years. However, until January 2020, it was up 200% on a 5-year basis. The stock is up 8.2% in just the past month.


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