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Top Logistics Stocks To Buy – The Brink’s Company

When you think of logistics, you are probably picturing companies like UPS, FedEx, and transportation businesses. However, did you know that the Brink’s Company is a top American security and protection company based out of Virginia? It provides logistics and security solutions to banks, financial institutions, and ATM management service providers as well as businesses for the transport of currency and high-value items like jewelry and diamonds. Brink’s is a leader in its industry and serves customers in more than 100 countries outside the US. Given the sensitive nature of cash handling operations, the track record and reputation are significant moats for the company.

Cash Logistics Is A Stable Business

Brink’s experienced a relatively lower impact on its business even during the height of the pandemic. Its revenues were down 24% in April and 11$ in June. Otherwise, on a 9-month basis, the company has done alright from a net income perspective. Its third-quarter results have beaten analyst estimates as well. The pandemic has given a fillip to businesses that handle logistics for e-commerce. But cash management and cash logistics is also a stable sector. Brinks is the global leader in the cash management sector and post the G4S acquisition, its revenues will be more than the combined revenues of the next two competitors – Loomis and Prosegur. This market-dominant position positions Brink’s as one of the top logistics stocks to buy.

The Financial Performance of Top Security Stocks 2020

The Brink’s Company’s stock closed at $53.6 on November 9th, 2020. It is up 8.9% for the past month and up 28% since the March market fall. However, the stock is down 41% for the year 2020. One of the company’s competitors is G4S. However, Brink’s announced its acquisition of G4S’s cash operations in an $860 million deal back in February of 2020. As of October 2020, Brink’s has already acquired 90% of G4S cash operations which include operations in 14 different countries outside the US.


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