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Want To Buy Electronic Component Stocks? See Rogers Corporation

Greater digitization and the growth of online services have led to greater use of electronic components over the years. This trend is not just limited to consumer electronics or gadgets that we use. Even industries like automotive are getting impact by higher use of electronics as cars offer more digital functionalities. Electric vehicles will involve the use of electronics in the core working of the vehicle as well. Investors looking to capture these broad trends may want to consider looking at electronic component stocks like Rogers Corporation. The company’s CEO Bruce Hoechner recently said, “Rogers is well positioned to capitalize on growth across the full spectrum of EVs and HEVs. We also have a leading position in the ADAS market, where our high-frequency circuit materials are distinguished by our performance and reliability.”

5G Can Be A Tailwind For Electronic Components Stocks 2020

The arrival of 5G is expected to impact many businesses. The top electronic components stocks 2020, like Rogers Corporation, may see greater demand for its products with handsets and other network infrastructure using more specific kinds of components. During the recent third-quarter 2020 earnings call, Rogers Corporation CEO Bruce Hoechner said, “This is significant for Rogers as advanced features incorporated in 5G handsets have created a greater content opportunity. The higher content ranges from 10% to 15% in mid-range devices up to 30% more content for certain premium products. With our high-performing materials and reputation for reliability, we are well positioned to capitalize on this growth.”

The Stock Performance of Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation stock has gained a staggering 27% in just the past month. The stock has been on a rally since the end of September, gaining 44% since hitting a low on 25th September 2020. On a longer-term basis, Rogers has gained 144% in the last 5 years. The stock has been in a range of 100 to 150 since the middle of 2017.


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