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Emcor Group – Construction Stocks To Buy Right Now

Emcor Group is a leading provider of specialty construction, industrial, and building services. The company clocked more than 80 million hours of work in 2019. Emcor has, over the years, built up significant expertise in service delivery and project execution. It also has a history of consistently generating operating cash flows. The company has 4 major segments. The US mechanical and electrical construction segments are clubbed under Construction and the US building services, industrial services, and EMCOR UK are clubbed under Services.

Emcor – One of The Best Construction Stocks To Buy Now

Emcor is a leading US specialty construction contractor. In the segment of mechanical construction, it deals with sheet metal, process piping, HVAC, Fire Protection, Plumbing, and High Purity Piping. In the segment of electrical construction, it deals with high voltage and low voltage systems, lighting, voice & data, security and alarm systems, and transmission and distribution of power. To complement its construction products, Emcor offers building services like facilities management, energy efficiency upgrades, retrofit projects, HVAC services, repair services, maintenance and servicing agreements, and other operation-related services. Emcor earns a significant portion of its revenue from the commercial sector, industrial, and healthcare sectors.

The Stock Performances of Construction Companies

While the COVID pandemic caused a lot of disruption to the global economy in the first half of 2020, things seem to be looking up in the last few months. Emcor’s long-term stock price has been in a consistent uptrend. However, the year 2020 has been a flat one. The stock is up 1.7% on a year-to-date basis. Engineering firm AECOM’s stock, meanwhile, is up 21% since the start of 2020. Since the March market crash, Emcor is up 80% while AECOM is up 119%. Comfort Systems USA is up 4.7% year-to-date and up 71% since hitting a low in March. In the last month, Emcor’s stock has gained 37% and has been on a strong uptrend.


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