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Xilinx Inc – Best Technology Stocks To Buy Now

Xilinx is a leading company in the field-programmable gate array segment within the semiconductor industry. The main benefit of FPGAs is that they can be configured for whatever application they are being used in. They are not application-specific like conventional integrated circuits. Xilinx products have a reasonable amount of switching cost for the customer and hence the company enjoys a competitive moat in that regard. The rise of data centers and artificial intelligence is expected to act as a tailwind for Xilinx. In October, AMD announced its plan to buy Xilinx in an all-stock deal. Xilinx is considered to be among the top technology stocks to buy now.

Xilinx’s Management

Xilinx is run by a management team of Victor Peng as CEO and Brice Hill as CFO. Victor Peng was appointed as the CEO of the company back in 2018. Incidentally, Victor Peng was in a senior position in AMD’s silicon engineering team and now AMD is planning to buy out Xilinx. The CEO and the chairman’s role is separate, with Dennis Segers acting as the chairman of the company. CFO Brice Hill previously worked for 25 years at Intel. He was the CFO of the system and core engineering group at Intel. All key leaders at Xilinx have had a good amount of experience at some of the largest technology corporations in the US.

Performances Of The Top Technology Stocks To Buy Now

Xilinx’s stock closed at $147 on 2nd December 2020. It has been up more than 20% over the preceding month. On a year-to-date basis, the stock is up 44% while on a longer 5-year basis, the stock is up 200%. Effectively, the stock has trebled during the 5-year period. AMD’s stock is up 22% for the past month, having closed at $93 on 3rd December 2020. The stock has almost doubled in the year 2020 while on a 5-year basis, the stock has gone up an incredible 40X.


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