Micron Technology Inc – Top Semiconductor Stocks To Invest In

Micron Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of DRAM and NAND products. Its storage and memory products are used in a wide variety of applications like automotive, smartphones, PCs, and other electronic devices. NAND and DRAM products do not have much differentiation. Therefore, competition is very stiff and average prices tend to trend downward […]

Micron Technology Inc – Best Semiconductor Stocks To Invest In

Micron Technology is an American technology company that specializes in making DRAM and NAND memory products. These storage and memory components are used in PCs, smartphones, automobiles, and a range of electronic devices. Micron has the third-largest market share in terms of total memory and storage product shipments after the likes of Samsung and SK […]

Micron Technology Inc – Semiconductor Stocks To Invest In

Micron is a well-known American producer of computer memory, data storage devices, flash memory, and USB flash drives. DRAM products make up the majority of the company’s revenues. The demand for DRAM and NAND is set to go beyond computers and mobile phones with the advent of cloud and IoT. Additionally, there has been some […]

Mirati Therapeutics Inc – Biotechnology Stocks To Invest In

Mirati Therapeutics is an American biotechnology company with a focus on oncology. More particularly, the company has one successful drug called JAKAFI that is used to treat bone marrow conditions. The company is also conducting research in the field of precision medicine. Additionally, JAKAFI is now being evaluated for the treatment of a condition known […]

Mirati Therapeutics Inc – Biotechnology Stocks To Buy Now

Biotech companies have been in trend during a pandemic stricken year. Mirati Therapeutics specializes in oncology drugs. It has a particular focus on non-small cell lung cancer, colorectal cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and hepatocellular carcinoma. Its most well-known drugs include sitravatinib and adagrasib. Both of them are in the clinical trials phase. Given the company’s […]

Mirati Therapeutics Inc – Best Biotechnology Stocks To Invest In

Mirati Therapeutics is a company that develops therapeutic products in the areas of oncology. It develops novel therapeutics that target the genetic and immunological drivers of cancer and help extend the lives of cancer patients. Some of the company’s products have already demonstrated a durable response to certain cancers. The demand for precision medicine, that […]

Incyte Corporation – Pharmaceutical Stocks To Invest In

Pharmaceutical stocks along with technology stocks have been the trending sectors for the year 2020. It was indeed a difficult year for most industries as the pandemic took its toll on almost every aspect of the global economy. Pharmaceutical and healthcare stocks are generally considered to be defensive plays that act as safe refuge during […]

Incyte Corporation – Best Pharmaceutical Stocks To Invest In

Incyte Corporation is an American biopharmaceutical company best known for its drug JAKAFI. The drug treats a bone marrow ailment and is now being studied to treat a COVID symptom known as a cytokine storm. Incyte Corporation as also collaborated with Novartis International for the commercialization of JAKAFI outside the US. Q32020 Earnings Look Encouraging […]

Top Pharmaceutical Stocks To Invest In – Incyte Corporation

Incyte Corporation is a Delaware-based pharmaceutical company that innovates, develops, and markets proprietary therapeutics. It has a host of products in the pipeline, from pre-clinical to late-stage development. It currently has one FDA-approved product known as JAKAFI that treats a bone marrow ailment. The company has also acquired a drug called Iclusig, used to treat […]

Stryker Corporation – Top Medical Stocks To Buy Right Now

Medical device and equipment stocks have faced some headwinds in the year 2020. As patients postponed elective and non-emergency procedures, the number of operations and surgeries went down. As a result, the demand for implants and other surgical devices and equipment went down. Stryker Corporation is well known for its joint replacement implants and other […]