Best Technology Stocks To Invest In Right Now – Fleetcor Technologies Inc

Fleetcor is an Atlanta-based payments company. It specializes in fuel cards, lodging discount cards, and other services like toll payments and corporate gifting. Fleetcor’s customers are businesses like oil companies, commercial fleet operators, and petroleum marketers. Government entities also use Fleetcor’s products and services. When you think about technology stocks, you probably focus on software […]

Fleetcor Technologies Inc – Best Technology Stocks To Invest In

Fleetcor helps businesses manage and pay their expenses in a seamless manner. Using Fleetcor’s products and services, companies can digitize, automate, and control payments on behalf of their suppliers and employees. Fleetcor’s product categories include corporate payments, fuel payments, tolls, lodging, gifting, and other services. Fleetcor is an American company but has operations in Latin […]

Fleetcor Technologies Inc – Top Technology Stocks To Buy

When you think about the hottest technology stocks in recent times, names like Zoom, Netflix, and Adobe come to mind. There is no doubt that the pandemic and work-from-home has assisted these businesses. However, some beaten-down technology stocks may be poised for growth. Fleetcor is a business payments company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Fleetcor’s […]

Transdigm Group Incorporated – Best Aerospace Stocks To Buy

TransDigm Inc is one of the world’s leading designers and suppliers of engineered aircraft and aerospace components. The company’s components are used by a majority of the military and commercial aircraft in the world. The company generates 90% of total revenues from proprietary products and 80% of sales from products whose only source is TransDigm. […]

Top Aerospace Stocks To Buy – Transdigm Group Incorporated

The pandemic has severely hit the airline industry. However, the pandemic has also led to higher demand among investors for defensive stocks. Businesses dealing in defense are among such “defensives”. The TransDigm group, even though classified as an aerospace components manufacturer, has a well-diversified business model. It earns revenues not only from selling components to […]

Best Aerospace Stocks To Buy Now – Transdigm Group Incorporated

TransDigm Group is a developer and manufacturer of military and commercial aerospace components. It is a Fortune 1000 company. The company faces a difficult time in the near-term as 70% of its business is from commercial customers. However, 30% comes from the defense segment which is recession-proof. Additionally, 55% of the company’s revenues are from […]