MGE Energy Inc – Top Utility Stocks To Buy Right Now

MGE Energy is a utility company based in Madison, Wisconsin. It distributes, generates, and purchases electricity. The company also distributes natural gas through its subsidiaries and also offers transmission services. The main source of electricity generation for MGE Energy is coal. The company also purchases power, while using natural gas, renewable energy, and fuel oil […]

MGE Energy Inc – Top Utility Stocks To Buy Now

MGE Energy is a holding company with eight subsidiaries. Its main subsidiary is a utility that generates and transmits electricity to customers in the southern Wisconsin area. The subsidiary also distributes natural gas. Utilities are slow growth but highly stable businesses. They enjoy competitive advantages such as exclusive rights to supply power to select districts […]

Live Nation Entertainment Inc – Entertainment Stocks To Buy Now

Live Nation Entertainment is the world’s largest live entertainment company. Live events and entertainment has been subject to lockdowns and restrictions as the world fights a historic pandemic. The sector has faced serious headwinds throughout 2020. However, the future may look more optimistic as vaccinations are approved and the pandemic eventually subsides. Investors looking to […]

Live Nation Entertainment Inc – Entertainment Stocks To Invest In

Live entertainment and events have taken a back seat amidst the pandemic. Venues have been shut and fans are having to satisfy themselves with virtual concerts by staying at home. However, the stock price of the largest entertainment company in the world is demonstrating that things aren’t all that bad and that there may be […]

Live Nation Entertainment Inc – Top Entertainment Stocks To Buy Now

Live Nation Entertainment is a California-based events promoter and venue operator. It has built its business scale by consolidating concert promoters. In 2010, Live Nation merged with well-known online ticketing company Ticketmaster. Live Nation promoted famous names like Jay-Z, Shakira, and U2 and earns most of its revenues from sporting events. Short-term prospects for the […]

Sysco Corporation – Food Services Stocks

Sysco Corporation is the largest American food distribution service business with a massive 16% market share in a highly fragmented industry. Sysco distributes more than 400,000 products mainly to restaurants and healthcare facilities. Restaurants account for some 62% of the company’s revenues while healthcare makes up 9% of total revenues. Retail, travel and leisure establishments, […]