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New Stock Portfolio Feature To Be Introduced

Stock Entry Points is introducing a new feature that will help users track their portfolio performances. As you know, Stock Entry Points recommends stocks based on price action on long-term monthly charts. We do this regularly throughout the year. With so many stock picks flowing in continuously, it can sometimes become difficult to track the performance of those stock picks. Therefore, to make your life easier, and to also demonstrate the benefits of holding our stock picks for a longer duration, we have decided to set up a quarterly tracking system.

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How Can You Best Use This Feature?

Every quarter, a new stock portfolio is compiled. This portfolio is basically the list of stock picks that have been recommended by us in that quarter. So, for example, the portfolio for Q42020 will include all the stock picks recommended from October 2020 to December 2020. We upload the list of all stock picks for that quarter and list the original purchase price (i.e. the price at the time the stock was recommended) along with the current price. We also list the total return that the stocks in the portfolio have generated thus far. This process will then be repeated again for Q12021 and then the next quarter and so on. So, all you need to do is click on a quarter that you want to review and you will find a list of stocks recommended in that time period. You can not only track performance, but also go back in time and open the charts for those stocks to identify the point where we recommended a stock.

You would notice that the percentage returns of stocks listed for quarters farther back are generally higher than the returns in the list of recent quarters. This trend demonstrates that the longer you hold our stock picks, the more likely you are to earn higher returns. As our stock picking process involves looking at long term monthly charts, it is logical that the trades aren’t short-term. The prices of our US stock portfolio will usually reach their projected target levels after at least a few months.


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