Vulcan Materials Company (VMC) – Buy Basic Materials Stocks

Vulcan Materials Company is America’s largest concrete aggregate producer. To give you a perspective, the company sold 215 million tonnes of aggregate in 2019 and 208 million tonnes in 2020. So, it is a leader in its industry. Investors looking at cyclical stocks trending up in recent months may want to consider the materials sector. […]

Vulcan Materials Company – Basic Materials Stocks To Invest In

Infrastructure and capex are two terms increasingly being used in the mainstream media. There are expectations that the new Biden administration will embark on an infrastructure development program to push the economy towards recovery after the year-long pandemic. Higher infrastructure spending can benefit some of the best basic materials stocks right now. Additionally, cyclical sectors […]

Vulcan Materials Company – Best Basic Materials Stocks To Buy

Vulcan Materials is America’s largest producer of concrete aggregate. The company also produces asphalt, ready-mix concrete, and other construction materials in significant volumes. The company sold 215 million tonnes of aggregates in 2019. It is far ahead of any nearest competitor in terms of scale, and that is its biggest moat. Materials stocks like Vulcan […]

ACI Worldwide Inc – Technology Stocks To Buy

Digital payments and payments processing is a popular area in technology. Multiple fintech companies have sprung up over the past decade. However, most of them are consumer-facing. Some companies like ACI Worldwide handle mission-critical payment transactions for large clients like financial institutions, merchants, and corporations. That niche has high volumes as well as scale. ACI […]

ACI Worldwide Inc – Top Tech Stocks To Invest In

ACI Worldwide specializes in software that handles real-time payment transaction solutions. ACI offers six main software solutions, namely, Payments Intelligence, Merchant Payments, Real-Time Payments, Digital Channels, Retail Payments, and Bill Payments. The Retail Payment segment accounts for the most revenue, followed by Bill Payments. The primary driver of growth for ACI is the increasing volumes […]

ACI Worldwide Inc – Best Tech Stocks To Invest In

ACI Worldwide develops broad line software that facilitates electronic payments. Its products are used by banks, payment processors, merchants, corporations, ATM machines, POS terminals, e-commerce websites, and other transaction endpoints. ACI Worldwide has a network spanning the entire world. Its customers are financial institutions. The growth in the non-cash market, as well as increasing digitization […]

Extra Space Storage Inc – REIT Stock To Buy Right Now

Extra Space Storage is number two on the list of the largest self-storage REITs in the US. If you wonder why self-storage is being discussed in an article related to the best REIT stock to buy right now, then all you have to do is look at the past performances of Extra Space Storage or […]

Extra Space Storage Inc – REIT Stock To Buy Now

Commercial real estate had been one of the sectors that have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. However, there are a few REIT sectors that seem to have benefitted from the pandemic. Self-storage is one such sector. Extra Space Storage is a REIT that invests in self-storage units. It owns or operates an area of […]

Nexstar Media Group – Media Stocks To Invest In

Some media stocks have had a pretty strong couple of months lately. They were boosted by the US Presidential elections, which resulted in increased political ad spending. The best media stocks to invest in have been Sinclair Broadcast Group and Nexstar Media Group. Both have almost doubled in price since November 2020. Nexstar is the […]

Nexstar Media Group – Best Media Stocks To Buy Now

Nexstar Media Group – Best Media Stocks To Buy NowIf you are bullish on media stocks and television station operators, then the first name that comes to mind is Nexstar Media Group. It is the largest television station operator in the US, with 198 stations in a staggering 116 markets. Nexstar has a presence in […]