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ACI Worldwide Inc – Top Tech Stocks To Invest In

ACI Worldwide specializes in software that handles real-time payment transaction solutions. ACI offers six main software solutions, namely, Payments Intelligence, Merchant Payments, Real-Time Payments, Digital Channels, Retail Payments, and Bill Payments. The Retail Payment segment accounts for the most revenue, followed by Bill Payments. The primary driver of growth for ACI is the increasing volumes of transactions that are happening digitally all over the world. Investors looking for the best technology stock to buy might be looking at obvious names like Apple, Zoom, and Google. However, ACI Worldwide can be an interesting candidate as well.

Strengths Of ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide is positioned well to capture a sizeable share in a growing market. The addressable transactions volume for ACI Worldwide was estimated to be 1.8 trillion in 2019 and projected to rise to 2.9 trillion in 2024. Of this transaction volume, ACI holds a market share estimated to be in the mid to high-teens. Additionally, ACI has a network spanning the entire world and a 40+ year history of supporting mission-critical transaction activity for large clients. The trust and track record of ACI act as a strong competitive advantage. The wide array of payment solutions also mean that ACI processes about a quarter of the world’s transactions and are a major player in the industry. These qualities make ACI Worldwide one of the top tech stocks to invest in.

Best Technology Stock To Buy

ACI Worldwide’s stock was trading around the $40 mark as of 12th March 2021. The stock had gained about 52% over the preceding six months. ACI Worldwide’s stock has also risen by 85% since the March 2020 market crash. A much smaller peer of ACI is Fidelity National Information Servcs Inc or FIS. Its stock was trading around $146 on 12th March 2021. FIS was up almost 10% over the preceding 30 days and up 42% since the March 2020 market fall.


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