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Emcor Group Inc – Construction Stocks To Invest In

With the pandemic gradually subsiding around the world, governments and businesses are expected to spend heavily on infrastructure to get the economy going again. In the US, the Biden administration also has significant plans for infrastructure. Such spending as well as the pick-up in housing and other sectors of the economy is expected to benefit companies in the construction segment. The Emcor Group is a Fortune 500 construction company that offers electrical and mechanical construction services as well as infrastructure and energy-related services. Its customers include utilities, industrial houses, commercial establishments, and institutional clients.

More Information About Emcor Group

Emcor Group has 5 business segments. They are Construction Services, Building Services, Industrial Services, Government Services, and Facilities Services. The Emcor Group comprises more than 80 operating companies. The firm had 33,000 employees as of 2019 and did business in 170 locations. Emcor Group was founded as a result of the bankruptcy of Jamaica Water Properties. Over the years, Emcor Group has made a series of acquisitions to broaden its service offerings and enter new markets. With its capabilities, Emcor Group is able to sign contracts for large as well as small projects that involve anything between small renovations and retrofitting to multi-million dollar scope of work. Emcor Group also does subcontract work. Besides the US, Emcor Group has a presence in the UK as well.

Construction Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Emcor Group stock closed at $93 on 12th February 2021. It has been down more than 4.5% for the preceding month. The dividend yield isn’t very high at 0.56%. On a 1-year basis, the stock is up more than 8%. Engineering firm AECOM’s stock closed at $56 on 12th February 2021. It was up 4.2% over the preceding 1 month. On a 1-year term, the stock is up 18.5%. Another stock that is considered to be a peer, especially in the HVAC segment, is Comfort Systems. It closed at $63 on 12th February 2021, up 15% over the preceding 1 month.


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