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Realty Income Corporation – Top REIT Stock

There are many types of REITs listed on the US stock markets. One can invest in traditional commercial-property REITS, opt for warehousing REITs, bet on healthcare REITs, or participate in the trending public storage space REITs. The pandemic has acted as a serious headwind for commercial real estate in general. There is also uncertainty building up over the future of office spaces as work-from-home can potentially become a permanent phenomenon in certain industries. At such a time, investing in commercial real estate REITs probably isn’t as exciting. However, if you are looking to buy REIT stock now, then you may want to consider Realty Income Corporation. It is a REIT focused on single-tenant assets and been trending up lately.

What Does Realty Income Corporation Do?

Realty Income Corporation invests in properties that are free-standing and are occupied by a single tenant. Its property portfolio is spread out across the US, Puerto Rico, and the UK. Realty Income Corporation is also somewhat unique within the REIT space as it is one of the few names that pay monthly dividends. REITs generally pay a dividend every quarter. So, income investors looking for regular cash flows would find Realty Income Corporation to be a top REIT stock from a liquidity and cash flow point of view. Realty Income was founded more than 50 years ago in 1969 and is currently headquartered in San Diego, California. The interesting thing about Realty Income is that it does not operate the traditional office-space asset. It invests in a standalone property having tenants like Walgreens, FedEx, and LA Fitness. So, it has exposure to multiple industries, some of which may not be affected very adversely by the pandemic.

Buy REIT Stock Now

If you find Realty Income to be an interesting proposition, then you may want to know that its stock has gained more than 5% during the preceding month. The REIT is also up about 21% over the past 1 year. The stock closed at $65.19 on 9th April 2021, trading at a dividend yield of 4.3%.


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