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Xilinx Inc – Top Semiconductor Stocks To Invest In Now

Xilinx is a leader when it comes to programmable logic devices. Xilinx is credited with being the inventor of the field-programmable gate array. It is estimated that Xilinx customers make up some 51% of the entire programmable logic market. This leadership position and strengths of Xilinx have been recognized by more prominent industry participants, and in October 2020, AMD announced its deal to acquire Xilinx. Therefore, if you are looking to buy semiconductor stocks right now, then Xilinx is undoubtedly a promising candidate to look at.

Company Background And History Of Xilinx

Xilinx was founded in 1984 by Ross Freeman, James Barnett, and Bernard Vonderschmitt. The name Xilinx is actually a reference to Silicon, the chemical element that is central to most of the electronics used by the world today. The ‘X’ at the beginning and the end of the name represent programmable logic blocks, while the term ‘linx’ in the middle means the programmable links that string the logic blocks together. Xilinx’s programmable logic devices and gate arrays are used by equipment manufacturers in a range of industries such as communications, consumer, automotive, industrial, and data processing. Xilinx has two prominent FPGA families, the Virtex (high performance) and the Spartan series (high volume). The company’s complex programmable logic device offering also has two product lines, the CoolRunner series, and the 9500 series. Xilinx is among the top semiconductor stocks to invest in now.

Buy Semiconductor Stocks Right Now

If you want to take long positions on semiconductor stocks, then you would like to know what the price of Xilinx has been doing lately. Xilinx stock closed at $129.18 on 16th March 2021. The stock was trading at a reasonable dividend yield of 1.18% at the time. Over the preceding month, the stock was down about 7.5%. However, over the prior 12 months, the stock was up 66%. On a longer 5-year term, the stock is up 172%. The stock has gained 80% since the March 2020 market fall.


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