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Estee Lauder – Top Personal Care Stocks

Now that the vaccination drives are gaining momentum, one could expect the gradual reopening of retail businesses that have been negatively affected by the pandemic. Cosmetic brands and skincare companies that relied heavily on physical retail presence had a difficult few months. Many of them, however, have adapted to the changing scenario by ramping up their e-commerce businesses. Many cosmetic brands also made significant sales at airports. But with international travel expected to remain muted for some more time, the airport sales channel is not expected to pick up anytime soon. If you are looking for the best cosmetics stocks to buy, you may want to look at the leading brands that have built an online presence.

Estee Lauder – A Skincare And Prestige Beauty Leader

Estee Lauder is one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands. It derives more than half its revenue from the skincare segment. The company started operations in 1946 and was founded by Estee Lauder, a businesswoman, and her husband, Joseph Lauder. The company used to produce cosmetics in New York City, where it is headquartered even today. The initial product portfolio of Estee Lauder consisted of skin lotion, cleansing oil, creme pack, and all-purpose cream. Then in 1948, Estee Lauder established its first department store in Saks Fifth Avenue. About 12 years later, Estee Lauder started its first international operation in well-known British store Harrods. Finally, in 1961, Estee Lauder entered the Asian market with an office in Hong Kong. The company has been growing ever since those times, and today it employs more than 40,000 people. Estee Lauder is among the top personal care stocks.

Best Cosmetics Stocks To Buy

Estee Lauder’s stock last traded at $316.25 on 26th April 2021. The stock has been on the rise, gaining more than 8% over the preceding 30 days. On 26th April, the stock was trading at a 0.67% dividend yield. On a 1-year basis, the stock has almost doubled.


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