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Alphabet Inc – Internet Content Stocks

Internet content as an industry has grown tremendously over the past decade or so. Content today can include everything from audio to video and images to blogs. Gone are the days when a Blogger or WordPress website used to post articles and some pictures. Today, there is YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Instagram, Shutterstock, etc. As a result, Internet content stock price over the last few years has been trending up. The digital economy is a large and diverse area with businesses of all kinds. Promising areas include internet content, gaming, IoT, AI and machine learning, digital payments, and much more. Given the variety of opportunities to invest, one has to be focused on concentrate on areas that seem most appropriate. Within internet content, companies like Alphabet are a decent proposition. Let us explore Alphabet (formerly known as Google) in a bit more detail.

Alphabet Company Background

Alphabet is a company born out of the restructuring of Google in 2015. It is now the parent company of Google and multiple other Google subsidiaries. Alphabet is the fourth-largest technology company in the world as measured by total annual revenue. When Alphabet was formed, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were holding executive positions. They stepped down in December 2019, and Sundar Pichai, formerly an engineer and product chief at Google, was named the CEO. Larry Page and Sergey Brin continued to remain board members and controlling shareholders of Alphabet Inc. YouTube, arguably the most popular internet content platform globally, is a subsidiary under Google, an umbrella company under Alphabet. Other fast-growing businesses under Alphabet include Fitbit, Google Search, and Waymo. Alphabet is one of the top internet content stocks in the US.

Internet Content Stock Price

Despite the recent fall in Nasdaq, Alphabet has gained 4.5% on a 1-month basis, with the stock price closing at $2351 on 7th May 2021. Over six months, the stock is up 33%, while the 1-year return is also quite stellar at about 70%.


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