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TransUnion – Best Consulting Stocks

TransUnion is among the so-called Big 3 credit bureaus in the US. The other two are Equifax and Experian. They are best known for their credit reports. Chances are that you may have used one of their services at some point in your life. If not, then your bank, your credit card company, or your loan provider may have certainly used one of these bureau’s credit reports to conduct a check on your financial history. TransUnion offers analytics and consulting services as well. If you are looking for consulting services stocks to buy, then TransUnion could be an interesting candidate. It isn’t a traditional consulting powerhouse. However, its services always have demand and it has built scale as an important competitive advantage.

How It Began For TransUnion

TransUnion was formed in 1968. It was a holding company for a railroad leasing organization. The very next year, it was acquired by the Credit Bureau of Cook County and then in 1981, by the Marmon Group. TransUnion was then acquired by Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and Advent International in 2010. By that time, TransUnion has established itself. In 2014, TransUnion acquired a data company called TLO and in 2015, TransUnion went public. It trades under the TRU symbol. TransUnion has progressively added new products and services to its portfolio. For example, it modified its conventional credit report to create a new product for businesses. In this new product, TransUnion included information that could give insights to a business about the repayment ability of its customers and the debt profile of its customers. TransUnion may or may not be among the best consulting stocks, but it certainly is a growing company.

Consulting Services Stocks To Buy

TransUnion’s stock closed at $104.83 on 11th May 2021. The stock was trading at a 0.29% dividend yield at the time. Over the preceding 30 days, the stock is up some 8%. On a 1-year basis, the price has risen by 40%.


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