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Booking Holdings Inc – Buy Travel Stocks Today

The pandemic has kept a lot of us at our homes for almost a year. Now that vaccinations are being given out and the number of daily cases is going down, people feel more confident about stepping out. It is speculated that this summer of 2021 is when many states across the US will be re-opening most businesses and establishments that were subject to COVID guidelines in the past few months. The summer season of 2021 will be one of the most important for the travel industry. Companies that offer a strong value proposition are the ones to watch out for. Booking Holdings is one of the world’s leading online travel service businesses. It has stellar brands like Priceline, Agoda,, and OpenTable in its portfolio. Investors looking for top travel stocks to buy today would want to consider it.

Travel Trends For the Future

Priceline, one of the brands under Booking Holdings, studied how American travel preferences look this year. It found that Americans are looking for entertainment and warm weather. As a result, the demand seems to be gravitating towards car rentals, exploration, and air travel to destinations like Florida, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Another trend that has been building up over the last few years is the concept of local exploration. More people are renting cars, staying at accommodations longer, and exploring the local areas around their destinations. Another trend for the future could be the concept of workcations. Since work-from-home and flexible working are gaining pace, it is possible that the boundaries between work and personal life may get blurred, and people will book trips that incorporate work in a vacation-like environment. If you want to buy travel stocks today, then you may want to look for companies capitalizing on these trends.

Top Travel Stocks To Buy Today

Besides Booking Holdings, other stocks to consider would be Airbnb Inc, TripAdvisor, and the Norwegian Cruise Line. These could rebound if the pandemic does subside and people start to travel again. Many of these stocks faced a lot of negative sentiment in the past.


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