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Digital Realty Trust Inc – Office Reit Stocks 2021

If you are looking for investment into something that offers a stream of income, then you could either go fixed income, dividend stocks, or REITs. Fixed income may not be the ideal choice given the historically low-interest rates that the global economy is currently facing. Dividend stocks can be a good option since there are plenty of Dividend Kings and Dividend Aristocrats that you can look at. REITs are a good bet too. Not all REITs deal in commercial offices in downtown centres. There are healthcare REITs, self-storage REITs, and data centre REITs. The last option is an interesting one because of the increasing digitalization of processes and systems. Cloud computing is a big theme, and so is the arrival of 5G. Digital Realty Trust is among the leading data centre REITs in the US. It can be a great option for an investor looking to buy the top office REIT stocks 2021.

Digital Realty Trust Releases Q12021 Earnings Results

Digital Realty Trust reported its Q12021 earnings on 29th April 2021. The results were quite positive as funds from operations jumped from $212 million in Q12020 to $432 million in Q12021. The cash flow from operations on a diluted per share basis was up from $1.53 in Q12020 to $1.67. According to Any Power, Chief Financial Officer for Digital Realty Trust, “We believe we have a distinct advantage when we are competing for new business with a customer that we are already supporting elsewhere within our global portfolio. And whenever we can, we try to provide a comprehensive financial package across multiple locations and offerings, including both new business as well as renewals.” Investors looking for office REIT stocks 2021 may want to consider Digital Realty Trust.

Top Office Reit Stocks 2021

Digital Realty Trust’s stock has grown from around $90 in May 2016 to $148 in May 2021. On a 1-year basis, the stock price is up 13%. The dividend yield has remained above 3% since 2016.


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