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Royal Gold Inc – Top Metals Stocks To Buy

A lot has been said about metal stocks of late. The theory about rising inflation due to the Fed’s policies to fight the economic effects of the pandemic has supported a sentiment around metal stocks and hard assets. Steel stocks and copper stocks have been on a rally. Other factors like President Biden’s infrastructure plans also play a part in creating a positive sentiment around certain metal stocks. However, the metals sector can include other areas like precious metals as well. Gold tends to do well during a crisis. Its price hit a high in August 2020 and then rallied again in March, April, and May 2021. Since then, however, prices have fallen and are currently around $1770 as of June-end 2021. Investors looking for metal stocks to buy now could analyze companies like Royal Gold Inc. It is one of the world’s leading royalties and stream companies in the world.

More About Royal Gold Inc

Royal Gold Inc was founded in 1981. It isn’t very old and began life as an oil-exploration company under the name Royal Resources. Stanley Dempsey, one of the board members of Royal Resources, transformed the company into the gold business that Royal Gold is today. Mr. Dempsey served as the gold company’s CEO till 2006. He was inducted into the prestigious national Mining Hall of Fame in the year 2016. In the year 2020, Royal Gold had an interest in 41 producing mines. It is among the top metals stocks to buy if precious metals are an area that you are willing to consider. It has more than doubled its revenue over the past decade and grown its net income close to 3X.

Metals Stocks To Buy Now

Royal Gold’s stock price has risen by more than 50% over the past five years. Its dividends have also risen every year for the last ten years. In June 2021, the price of the stock has fallen by around 8%.


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