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The Brink’s Company – Security Stocks For 2021

Brink’s is a leading company in the niche cash management and security sector. It has been around for a long time, having been founded in 1859. The company was later incorporated in 1930. The company offers a host of services and solutions to financial institutions, government entities, businesses, and retailers all over the world. Brink’s is also working towards greater incorporation of technology into its solutions and has a cloud-based offering that allows for tracking, tracing, forecasting, and managing cash. Cash management and security are not as sensitive to economic cycles as most other sectors are. Therefore, the business tends to be relatively more stable. If you are an investor looking for security stocks for long-term holding, then The Brink’s Company could be an attractive option worth analyzing.

Business Segments of The Brink’s Company

The Brink’s Company has multiple business segments. Its main segment is Core Services, and it accounts for about 52% of total revenues. This segment consists of ATM services and cash-in-transit services. The level of economic activity and the volume of transactions are key drivers for this segment. Brink’s helps manage around 130,000 ATMs around the world. The second-largest business segment is High-Value Services. It accounts for about 44% of total revenues. The High-Value Services provides solutions in secure transportation of high-value items and commodities. It caters to jewelry centers, diamond businesses, pharmaceutical businesses, and other customers in over 100 countries. The smallest business segment is Other Security Services. It deals in commercial security systems as well as guarding services at strategic locations like airports, offices, and warehouses. The Brink’s Company is a total security business and is among the most promising security stocks for 2021.

Security Stocks For Long Term

Brink’s Company stock has more than doubled over a 5-year period. It was priced at around $32 toward the end of July 2016. The price in July 2021 is over $70. Over the last year, the price is up 88% after the stock went through a downturn post the crash of March 2020.


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