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The Brink’s Company – Security Stocks Of 2021

Brink’s is a leading cash management company in the world. Its business encompasses various activities like money processing, vault outsourcing, ATM services, global transportation of high-value items, and other security-related services. Customers of Brink’s include major financial institutions, commercial establishments, government entities and agencies, jewelers, and retailers. The demand for such security services tends to be somewhat resistant to economic cycles. Being one of the largest companies in the sector also helps build credibility and keep hold of existing customers. The security industry is an interesting one and can help you find long-term compounders. The security industry is a mature one and not the most exciting. So, to buy top security stocks, one has to find the right stock that can grow in an unexciting and mature market is important.

Brink’s Company – A Giant Of The Cash Management Sector

Brink’s Company is more than two times larger than the next competitor in the cash management sub-sector. In addition, Brink’s has also been making acquisitions regularly to continue growing larger. Its most recent major acquisition was a UK-based company called G4S. Brink’s has also introduced services in the digital cash management space. Brink’s Complete is a subscription-based service consisting of an app that offers customers safe cash deposit management. Such innovative additions open up newer markets for Brink’s Company. One risk for Brink’s Company is the global nature of its business. It is subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates. The evolution of a cashless society can also be a potential risk that can be mitigated by further building digital offerings like Brink’s Complete. Overall, Brink’s is currently in a promising position. It may be among the top security stocks of 2021, given its size and competitive advantages.

Buy Top Security Stocks

Brink’s Company is one stock that investors can consider if the security industry is where they would like to invest. Brink’s trades on the New York stock exchange under the ticker symbol BCO. The stock closed at $75.75 on 20th July 2021.


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