Booking Holdings – Travel Stocks To Buy Today

The year 2020 was a milestone for many businesses across multiple sectors. Many small businesses have been forced to shut down for good. Some have barely survived, while others have consolidated their position to take advantage of the eventual rebound once the pandemic subsides. The travel industry has been one of the worst affected. However, […]

FedEx Corporation – Freight Stocks 2021

The logistics and supply chain industries have been in the news lately. There are fears that inflation has led to extremely high prices for shipping goods from around the world. Such reports cite the rising freight prices to make their point. The pandemic has also boosted home delivery and online shopping. Such a trend would […]

Sysco Corporation – Food Company Stocks 2021

The food industry is a mature but stable industry. Competition is intense, and companies tend to work on thin margins. However, the larger companies tend to benefit from competitive advantages like economies of scale and a strong brand. Usually, these sorts of companies are consumer-facing. There are, however, other participants within the food industry that […]