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AbbVie Inc – 2021 Medical Stocks

AbbVie Inc is one of the most well-known names in the global pharmaceutical industry. It sells and markets its products globally through distributors, wholesalers, independent retailers, specialty pharmacies, and a well-established network of stakeholders. Competition in the pharmaceutical industry is intense, with several large majors bringing out new innovative products every year. The medical industry has been in focus for the last 18 months or so, and stocks within the sector have seen plenty of interest from investors. If you are looking for medical stocks to invest in, then consider names with strong balance sheets and promising products. Global brands like AbbVie have a range of products and a range of markets from where they can earn revenues. At the same time, watch out for high revenue concentration from a handful of drugs. Lastly, the financials and dividend-paying track record can also provide useful insights into the quality of the business.

AbbVie’s Product Portfolio

AbbVie has a broad line of products in its portfolio. Its most successful product is Humira, accounting for over 40% of total revenues. The drug treats a range of conditions, from Crohn’s disease to arthritis. The company’s other immunology drugs include Skyrizi and Rinvoq. They are used to treat psoriasis and active rheumatoid arthritis, respectively. Imruvia and Venclexta are AbbVie’s oncology products meant for the treatment of certain cancer-related conditions. The company’s acquisition of Allergan has added an aesthetics segment to the product portfolio. The most iconic of these aesthetic products is Botox, a well-known beauty treatment. Other notable products include Vraylar and Duopa. AbbVie’s eyecare lineup includes Lumigan, Alphagan, and Restasis. Lastly, AbbVie’s notable women’s health products include an oral contraceptive called Lo Loestrin and a hormone-related drug called Orilissa. AbbVie is among the 2021 medical stocks to track closely.

Medical Stocks To Invest

AbbVie is well-known for its track record of paying increasing dividends. The company paid $1.6 in dividends in the year 2013. Since then, dividend payouts have grown every year, and they touched $4.72 in the year 2020. The company also maintained robust operating margins of 40% for the most part of the decade. The year 2020 was the only exception when margins fell to 27%.


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