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FedEx Corporation – Top Logistics Stock

FedEx Corporation is considered to be one of the giants of the logistics industry. The company has a long track record of being the industry leader. It was founded back in 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the company has grown over the decades to be one of the most recognized brands in logistics and supply chains. Currently, FedEx Corporation is headed by Frederick Smith and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx was the first company to truly bring overnight delivery into the mainstream. It specializes in delivering packages quickly and has built an impressive technology-driven platform to improve efficiency. The logistics industry has been driven in recent decades by the rise of e-commerce. In addition, the pandemic has changed the way people eat, shop, and live. It has further accelerated the delivery-based lifestyle. As an investor looking to leverage these trends, you may be looking for logistics stocks to invest in 2021. FedEx is certainly one candidate worth looking at.

More Information About FedEx

FedEx Corporation handles delivery, shipping, freight, forwarding, and a range of other logistics-related functions for its customers. FedEx has also made acquisitions along the way to further grow its business. One important acquisition was that of TNT Express in 2016. Recently, FedEx was in the news for investing in an Indian delivery startup named Delhivery. FedEx invested $100 million in the startup from the point of view of expanding its presence in South Asia and one of the fastest-growing major economies. FedEx tends to enjoy relatively high pricing power due to its network, scale, and its ability to do last-mile deliveries. The last-mile sorting and delivery segment is where demand tends to outstrip supply. FexEx is counted among the top logistics stock picks by multiple investors.

Logistics Stocks To Invest In 2021

FedEx Corporation’s stock trades under the ticker symbol FDX on the New York stock exchange. The last traded price as of 30th July 2021 was $279.95. The stock was down 6% on a one-month basis. However, since the March 2020 crash, the price is up more than 139%.


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