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Vulcan Materials Company – Best Building Materials Stocks

Vulcan Materials is among the top building materials companies in the US. It caters to residential and non-residential projects and counts the government and private companies among its clientele. There has been plenty of optimism around the whole infrastructure theme of late. Recent developments include the passage of the much-touted infrastructure bill proposed by the Biden administration. Other factors like robust home sales and construction activity as the pandemic subsides are also providing tailwinds for companies that supply to the construction sector. So, if you are an investor observing these trends and believe that investing in top building materials stocks is a good idea, then analyzing companies like Vulcan Materials is a good place to begin. Vulcan Materials Company happens to be the largest construction aggregate and has a presence mainly in the southern states.

Vulcan Materials Price Action

Vulcan Materials stock has been on an uptrend for a decade. If you look at the monthly chart for the stock, then you will see consistent higher tops and higher bottoms. In fact, the March 2020 market crash was also not enough to bring the swing low of Vulcan Materials below the previous swing low. The stock has been up 124% since the March 2020 crash. The daily price chart for Vulcan Materials over the past year, from August 2020 to August 2021, shows the price growth to be around 47%. The price crossed $192 in May 2021 before falling to $164. Since then, the price has been unable to break the $192 level. However, on a longer-term basis, the price action looks quite positive. And with tailwinds for the infrastructure industry as mentioned above, Vulcan Materials looks like one of the best building materials stocks to add to a portfolio at this time.

Top Building Materials Stocks

Vulcan Materials Company was listed on the stock exchange in 1957. It has been around for a long time. You can find the stock by searching for the ticker symbol VMC on the New York stock exchange.


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