Nexstar Media Group Inc – Best Communication Stocks Of 2021

Media stocks tend to do well when elections take place. Television stations benefit from political ad revenue as various political parties go into overdrive trying to appeal to the masses. Something similar happened last year when the US presidential elections played out. The largest media company, Nexstar Media, saw significant jumps (3-digit percentage growth year […]

Lockheed Martin Corporation – Aerospace Stock 2021

The recent events in Afghanistan have involved aircraft like the C130 and the Black Hawk. Both have been in the news for different reasons. The C130 is a heavy-duty military cargo aircraft that is a workhorse for evacuations and the movement of heavy military equipment. The Black Hawk is a fighter helicopter that the Taliban […]

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc – Buy Now Biotech Stock

Regeneron was in the news in 2020 because of its antibody-drug that was found to be a useful treatment for COVID. However, the company is more than just an antibody specialist. It has a portfolio of products in oncology, ophthalmology, arthritis, asthma, and other areas. Biotech stocks with a strong track record of product development […]