Nexstar Media Group Inc – Buy Media Stocks

The media industry is undergoing major change. The rise of digital media and social media has given people alternate avenues to access information. The speed and scale with which news and important information spread are unprecedented. Naturally, these trends bring opportunities and threats with them for existing media companies. One of the largest media companies […]

Lockheed Martin Corporation – 2021 Best Aerospace Stocks

Lockheed Martin is a premier aerospace and security company based in the US. It is famous for making best-in-class weapon systems like the THAAD air defense system, the Black Hawk helicopters, the C130 heavy lifting aircraft, and many other cutting-edge products. The company’s long track record and extensive network within government circles give it a […]

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc – Buy Biotech Stocks 2021

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a New York-based biotechnology company. You may have heard its name in the news during the pandemic since Regeneron was the company that made antibody treatments to fight COVID infections. However, Regeneron is more than just a pandemic company. It has some essential products in its portfolio. Biotech stocks have been receiving […]