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Dominos Pizza – 2021 Restaurant Stocks

Restaurant stocks don’t just consist of traditional sit-down restaurant businesses like Darden Restaurants, Yum Brands, or Texas Roadhouse. They also include huge growth companies like Chipotle, McDonald’s, and Dominos. When it comes to pizza delivery, Dominos is by far the number one player in the segment. The company became a household name thanks to its 30-minute delivery guarantee. The company has also focused on product innovation and brought new pizzas and other items to the market as per the constantly changing consumer preferences. Logistics and delivery are just as important as product innovation. In that regard, Dominos has kept pace with the changing times. It has built a strong digital backbone and allows for seamless online ordering. Dominos is staying true to its role as a market leader by venturing into driverless pizza delivery. If you are looking to buy now restaurant stocks, then Dominos could be part of the basket.

Dominos Innovations In Delivery

The pandemic has accelerated the pace at which online delivery has grown in the food and beverage industry. It is almost a necessity these days as people prefer having their food delivered to their homes rather than stepping out and physically visiting a store. Dominos is among the first companies in its industry to experiment with autonomous vehicles. It has tied up with Nuro, a robotics and autonomous vehicle company based in Silicon Valley. Currently, Dominos is using one Nuro vehicle to deliver driverless pizzas in Houston, Texas. Nuro is working with many other companies like pharmacies, food companies, and even the US Postal Service to experiment with autonomous vehicle deliveries. Clearly, Dominos is an innovator and among the 2021 restaurant stocks to watch out for.

Buy Now Restaurant Stocks

Dominos Pizza’s stock has grown from $145 in 2016 to over $500 in 2021. The business has been a success story, and its investors have been rewarded. The 1-year growth has also been quite good at 36%. The 52-week high is around $548, while the price, as of September 7th, 2021, was $514.


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