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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc – Buy Biotech Stocks 2021

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a New York-based biotechnology company. You may have heard its name in the news during the pandemic since Regeneron was the company that made antibody treatments to fight COVID infections. However, Regeneron is more than just a pandemic company. It has some essential products in its portfolio. Biotech stocks have been receiving a lot of attention post the pandemic as the importance of healthcare in the public eye has increased. Naturally, biotech stocks have been quite active due to such sentiments surrounding the industry. Therefore, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals could potentially be a choice for investors looking to buy best biotech stocks.

More About Regeneron’s Business

The pandemic is still not over. Even though vaccination rates are making new highs every day, it could be a while before we stop seeing new waves of infections taking place. Some projections estimate that the pandemic will not fully be under control in the US until at least the Spring of 2022. While Regeneron certainly can take credit for its COVID antibody treatments, it is more than just that. Recently, the company announced that the Phase 3 trial for its autoimmune disease treatment known as Dupixent had shown positive results. Dupixent is being developed in partnership with French pharma major Sanofi. The study demonstrated a 70% improvement in patients’ overall health condition compared with a 20% improvement in the placebo group. There are estimations that Dupixent could be among the top-selling drugs globally by 2030. Regeneron is also known for making an antibody treatment called Inmazeb that has been used to treat the deadly Ebola disease. Regeneron is a promising business and can be a potential entry in the buy biotech stocks 2021 list.

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Regeneron has grown its revenue significantly over the last eight years. Its revenue was around $1.4 billion in 2012. That number grew to $8.5 billion by 2020. The company’s stock last closed at $673.4 on 31st August 2021. The P/E ratio at the time was around 12.


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