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TransUnion – Buy Consulting Services Stocks 2021

TransUnion may not be your typical consulting company. Unlike McKinsey and BCG, TransUnion isn’t usually the most preferred company for aspiring management consultants in business schools. However, major credit bureaus like TransUnion have very valuable data that can lead to the rise of a completely different business segment for them. We are talking about the vast amounts of consumer credit information that has been incrementally compiled over decades. Analyzing this data and translating the analysis into actionable insights can be offered as part of a consulting engagement to a wide variety of businesses. In a tech-heavy world, the speed and efficiency with which a company moves towards acquiring and serving a customer are important. TransUnion’s consulting service can help companies achieve that goal. Hence, if you are talking about the best consulting services stocks 2021, then make sure you look at credit bureaus like TransUnion.

TransUnion Second-Quarter 2021 Earnings Release

On 27th July 2021, TransUnion reported its second-quarter 2021 earnings results. Total revenue was up from $634 million in Q22020 to $774 million. Net income was also up significantly from $70 million in Q22020 to $133 million in Q22021. Earnings per share on a diluted basis were up from $0.36 in Q22020 to $0.66 in Q22021. All geographical segments of TransUnion experienced revenue growth year on year. The management stated that it expects strong demand for TransUnion’s services due to employment screening, consumer lending, and a rebound in the economy. The management also sees significant upside in emerging markets like India, the Philippines, South Africa, and Latin America. TransUnion may be the smallest among the big three credit bureaus. But, it is among the top choices if you want to buy consulting services stocks 2021.

Best Consulting Services Stocks 2021

TransUnion’s stock is up 20% year-to-date as of 27th September 2021. The stock closed at $115 on 27th September 2021. It was down 4% over the preceding month. The 52-week high was $125.


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