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Air Transport Services Group Inc – Best Freight And Logistics Stock

Air Transport Services Group Inc – Best Freight And Logistics Stock

Freight costs have been a new item in recent times. Around the world, there is rising demand for goods and services as economies open up while recovering from the pandemic. Prices of commodities, oil, and gas are all trending up significantly. The cost to ship products from one location to another has also gone up multiple times in some cases. On top of that, there are concerns about supply chain disruptions. These trends have brought into focus logistics stocks today. Another trend that seems to be playing out globally is the rise of e-commerce. Increasingly, more things are being sold online, and there is a greater demand for services that help e-commerce companies deliver goods purchased online to customers. One company operates at the intersection of logistics and e-commerce. Read below to find out more.

Air Transport Services Group Business Information

Air Transport Services Group provides a range of solutions to the logistics and air transportation industry. It leases aircraft, includes maintenance and ground handling services, and aircraft modification services to its clients. Air Transport Services Group’s fleet of aircraft consists mainly of the Boeing 767, an aircraft known for its performance and reliability in cargo operations. Customers of Air Transport Services Group include airlines, air express integrators, freight forwarders, and e-commerce companies. In fact, e-commerce is a big part of Air Transport Services Group’s business as it has signed a partnership deal with Amazon. As per the deal, Air Transport Services Group provides aircraft as well as other support services to the e-commerce major to help it ship goods to customers faster. Amazon also recently exercised an option to buy common stock in Air Transport Services Group. If you are looking for the best freight and logistics stock, then Air Transport Services Group could be a promising option.

Logistics Stocks Today

Air Transport Services Group’s stock is down almost 23% year-to-date. On a 5-year basis, however, the stock is up almost 66%. Air Transport Services Group does not pay a dividend as of 2021. The stock last traded at $23.88 on 19th October 2021.


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