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Jack Henry & Associates Inc – Top Information Technology Stocks

Jack Henry & Associates Inc – Top Information Technology Stocks

A company founded in 1976 from a $40-a-month rented space has today grown into the most dominant player in the financial data processing segment. We are talking about Jack Henry & Associates, a company that counts 1,000 banks and multi-million dollar financial institutions as its clients. The best tech stocks today are not necessarily the hot and fancy brands like Salesforce or Microsoft. There are many niche players that have also given back tremendous returns to their investors. It helps to keep an eye out for such names and add them to your watchlist. If you like the strength of the business model, then a period of muted price movement could be an opportune moment to take a position in such stocks.

Jack Henry’s Q42021 Earnings Results

On 18th August 2021, Jack Henry & Associates announced its fourth-quarter 2021 earnings numbers. The total revenue came in at $450 million, which was an improvement of 10% over the corresponding Q42020 figure of $410 million. Net income, meanwhile, rose 25% year-on-year from $61 million in Q42020 to $76 million in Q42021. Earnings per share on a diluted basis improved from $0.8 in Q42020 to $1.04 in Q42021. Company CEO David Foss said that the fourth quarter of 2021 was the best quarter in the history of the company as far as sales numbers were concerned. He added that the month of June was the strongest sales month on record. Jack Henry is among the top information technology stocks that investors can keep an eye on.

Best Tech Stocks Today

Jack Henry & Associates has risen 10X since the Lehman crisis. The long-term stock chart of the company shows a consistent and robust uptrend that has lasted for over a decade. There have been major pullbacks in the last 3 years or so. However, the strength of the business and its competitive advantages are still in place.


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