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Tyler Technologies Inc – Technology Stocks Today

Tyler Technologies Inc – Technology Stocks Today

If you ask an investor to name a few tech stocks that come to his/her mind, then the chances are that companies like Facebook, Alphabet, or Microsoft will be the names that you will hear. In recent times, companies like Salesforce, Zoom, and DocuSign have also made plenty of waves. We cannot forget established names like Adobe, either. While a lot of these stocks have created tremendous value for shareholders, the tech space is a fast-changing one. Next and exciting companies are going public every few years, and new niches are getting disrupted by tech companies. For example, there is a Texas-based company that caters to the public sector. It provides software solutions to schools, local governments, and courts. The demand from the public sector is usually stable as almost all of the services offered by the government are believed to be essential. Therefore, your search for the top tech stocks should go towards exploring companies like Tyler Technologies.

Tyler Technologies Business Profile

Tyler Technologies was founded in 1966 by a person named Joseph McKinney. The initial name of the company was Saturn Industries. It changed to Tyler Corporation when the company bought an iron pipe manufacturer by the name of Tyler Pipe. However, Tyler Technologies did not enter the software market until 1998. The name Tyler Technologies was given to the business in 1999. Currently, Tyler Technologies has three main products. The first one is called Munis, an ERP system. The second one is called Odyssey, a court management system. The third product segment deals with payments. Tyler Technologies also has a range of add-ons that it provides for tax assessment functions. If you are looking for technology stocks today, then Tyler Technologies is positioned nicely in an interesting niche.

Top Tech Stocks

Tyler Technologies is based out of Plano, Texas. It has over 6500 employees working for the company across 26 locations. Saturn Industries (the previous name of Tyler Technologies) was listed on the stock market in 1969.


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