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Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation – Best Stocks In Industrials

Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation – Stocks In Industrials Sector

When it comes to government contracting and defense consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton is among the most respected consulting firms. It has been a leading firm in the sector for over a century. Founded back in 1914, Booz Allen Hamilton has built a multinational company with offices at 1,000 locations across 20 countries. The firm employs more than 29,000 employees and has a relatively high proportion of female employees at 36%. 67% of Booz Allen’s executive leadership is, in fact, female. Booz Allen has expertise in conventional defense consulting as well as emerging areas like digital, cyber security, analytics, and engineering services. Consulting for the commercial and civil sectors accounts for about 31% of Booz Allen’s customer base. The rest is defense and intelligence agencies. If you are looking for stocks in consulting services buy right now, then Booz Allen Hamilton should be studied more closely.

Booz Allen Financial Performance

Booz Allen’s revenue has grown from $5.8 billion in 2012 to $7.85 billion in 2021. The strength of Booz Allen’s business is evident from the upward trajectory of its gross margins. They were 49.9% in 2012 and have progressively trended up to 53.5% in 2021. The net income has also risen from $240 million to $609 million. Earnings per share have also gone up from $1.7 to $4.37. The dividend payouts have also grown every year in the past decade. They were at $0.09 per share in 2012 and $1.3 per share in 2021. The industrial sector is poised for a breakout as of November 2021. However, supporting America’s industrial complex, of which defense is a big part, are companies like Booz Allen Hamilton. So, if you discuss stocks in the industrial sector, then add depth to that discussion by including such defense-related consulting companies.

Stocks In Consulting Services Buy Right Now

Booz Allen Hamilton’s stock has been rather flat in the year 2021. It is up only 4.5% as of November 2021. Over a 5-year period, the strength of the stock becomes more apparent as it has grown more than 155% during that time.


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