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Cadence Design Systems Inc – Investment Technology Stocks

Cadence Design Systems Inc – Investment Technology Stocks

Cadence Design Systems is best known for making software that helps automate the design and verification process of integrated circuits and large chip systems. The company has also developed hardware used on chips and printed circuit boards. Trends like the Internet of Things, Self-Driving Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence present significant growth opportunities for Cadence in the longer term. So, if you are looking for application stocks to invest in, then Cadence Design Systems presents an interesting opportunity. In industry parlance, Cadence Design Systems is considered an EDA firm or an electronic design automation firm. EDA firms develop hardware, software, and other related intellectual property that facilitate chip systems and integrated circuits. Like most top technology companies, Cadence Design Systems is also headquartered in Silicon Valley.

More About Cadence Design Systems

There has been plenty of news about semiconductor companies and chip makers in recent times. The news has to do with the significant shortage of chips, leading to a disruption in multiple industries. The auto industry is one example where car companies have had to halt production. However, Cadence Design Systems appears to be unhindered as it recently announced a few new technologies that it has developed. Among them is the Helium Platform that accelerates the creation of hybrid and virtual prototypes. The platform will benefit automotive SoC or system-on-chip products. Cadence also announced a new 3D-IC platform called Cadence Integrity. It is slated to be the industry’s first high-performance and comprehensive 3D platform. Cadence continues to reinforce its reputation as being a pioneer when it comes to computational software. If you are looking to make investment technology stocks a key focus, then delving deeper into Cadence Design Systems might be a good idea.

Application Stocks To Invest In

Cadence Design Systems trades on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol CDNS. The stock last closed at $153.5 on 13th October 2021. The 52-week high was $168.61, while the 52-week low was $105.93. The stock did not pay a dividend as of October 2021.


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