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Teladoc Health Inc – Healthcare Information Stocks

Teladoc Health Inc – Healthcare Information Stocks

There are a lot of activities that people have begun doing virtually—working from home, taking part in conferences and webinars, speaking to loved ones, playing games online, watching movies and consuming other forms of entertainment, and so on. One big area that is ripe for disruption from the virtualization trend in healthcare. Doctors and medical professionals can now impart primary healthcare services via video calls. That is a crude way of explaining what telemedicine is all about. But, the benefits of telehealth are significant. They allow healthcare practitioners to impart healthcare services to far-flung areas of the country and the world. People who do not have access to quality healthcare can seek such services once connected to the internet. If you are looking for the best healthcare stocks for the rest of 2021, then give the telemedicine sector a peek. Teladoc Health is the largest player in the segment in the US market.

Teladoc’s Financial Performance

Teladoc is more than just a company in a hot industry. It has witnessed significant revenue growth. Its revenue was $20 million in 2013. That number crossed $1 billion in 2020. It has been growing at a spectacular rate in a relatively short period. However, the company has still not turned a profit since 2013. The financial trends are similar to that of a start-up company focused on growth in its first stage of evolution. The book value per share for Teladoc Health has increased from $5 in 2015 to $14.85 in 2020. Healthcare information stocks leverage data to help medical professionals make better decisions. Teladoc Health Inc is one such company. As an investor in the healthcare sector, it would be good to look at virtual healthcare and telemedicine more closely.

Best Healthcare Stocks For The Rest Of 2021

Teladoc’s stock went from $17 in November 2016 to $292 in February 2021. Since that peak, however, the stock has been in a downtrend. It last traded at $134 on 15th November 2021. Teladoc Health Inc is headquartered in the American state of New York.


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